Tjotte's Dark Shades of Yellow
Born 13 of April 2017

* Disco *

11 ½ months


5 months


3 months


7 weeks

6 weeks


3 ½ weeks


PRA EIC HNPK Clear by parentage

Wrapped In Red Of Cadillac Keepsake Red Painted Thunderhead of Cadillac Boradors Moose
Keepsake Lady In Red
Keep Safe Black Pearl of Cadillac Beechcrofts American Style
Keepsake Hot And Spicy of Cadillac
Songbirds Madame Cortese DkCh SeShCH Lobuff-Shannon US Major Attraction AmCH Lobuff Hollyridge The Aviator
Shannon's Amethyst Dreams
Sångfågelns Victoria De Los Angeles SeTrCH Sångfågelns Rodolfo
Sångfågelns Lolo


Photo of one of his brothers at 10 months >>>>



Dad Caddie * Mom Råsta
Födda 13 April 2017