Proud to present 9 generation from start

0LP Umanioras Mocca Made
Tjottes Billy The BrunoCH Tjottes Showsteady
CH Imps Strictley BusinessCH Tjottes Brown Bubble No Trouble
CH Tjottes Babysitters NightmareCH Tjottes My Bubble Your Trouble
Tjottes Babe In Total ControllCH Tjottes Broken ArrowCH Tjottes Naked Nun On The RunCH Tjottes Now Or Never
CH Tjottes Ticket To TroubleCH Tjottes New Years CheersCH Tjottes New Years HeroCH Tjottes For Heavens SakeCH Tjottes Miles Of Smile
6 Tjottes Herself The ElfCH Tjottes Lover Under CoverCH Tjottes Like No OtherCH Tjottes Ticket To TroubleCH Tjottes Fan Bloody Tastic
CH Tjottes Fat N'FamousTjottes Pocket PickerTjottes Herself The ElfCH Tjottes Win The Crowed
8 Tjottes Teenage Witch
9 9
10 9
11 9