SeVCH Tjotte's Chosen Shade of Yellow

12/9 2020

" Ginny "

3 år

Svensk Viltspår Champion & Cert på utställning

A-A Hips . Elbows 0-0

Free from PRAprcd-EIC-HNPK by parentage

Rubywodd Give Me Kiss CH PTD Iron Hills Trusty One BIS CH Wit's End Jacks or Better at Blackwing
CH Wit's End Windfall Vegas Showgirl
Elkens Red Lilly CH Elkens Leo JH
Elkens Red Clay of Kenya
Songbirds Celine Dion
Wrapped In Red of Cadillac Keepsake Red Painted Thunderhead of Cadillac
Keep Safe Black Pearl of Cadillac
Songbirds La Boheme DkCh SeShCH Lobuff-Shannon US Major Attraction
Sångfågelns Victoria De Los Angeles

Ginny bor med Fredrik Danielsson


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