Tjotte's Peak A Boo

Född 15 April 2021

* Peakaboo *

6 m

2a Valpklass I Hp

PRAprcd, Hnpk Clear by parents

Peter's Gang Ransom Required CH Erinhills You Had Me From Hello CH Venitians Copy That
CH Erinhills Maybe Its Maybeline
Berry Peters Gang Sitkowski Bor CH Mallorns Black Gangsta
CH MonaLisa Sitkovski Bor
Tjottes Remember My Name
SETrCH Wrapped In Red of Cadillac Keepsake Red Painted Thunderhead of Cadillac
Keep Safe Black Pearl of Cadillac
Tjottes Memorys are Chosen Multi W Multi CH Tjottes Broken Arrow
Mambrinos Madeleine