Tjotte's Pink Elephant
Born 15 of February 2013
*Djambo *


Djambo @ 4 ½ months

Djambo at 7 weeks

Djambo at 6 ½ weeks

7 weeks

7 weeks

4 weeks

Hips A-A . Elbows 0-0

Tjotte's Win The Crowd
Mallorns Ring My Bell ( 6 CC's 4 Cacib Finland ) CH Chablais Your Place Or Mine
Mallorns Ring Any Bells (3 CC's Finland)
SE V-10 SE. NO CH Tjottes Fan Bloody Tastic CH Tjottes Lover Under Cover
CH Tjottes For Heavens Sake
NordJV-11 Tjottes Golliwogs Cake-Walk CH Mementos Mario CH Chas Didric Champ
CH Mementos Fantasia
CH Tjottes My Bubble Your Trouble CH Banners Muskelunge Buckeye
CH Tjottes Showsteady