Tjotte´s Terrible Mistake


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BOB & BIS-R Puppy
CC & 2nd Best Dog

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Hips A-A . Elbows 2-2

Mallorn's Ursus Arctos
Visions I'm Able Ch Sounders Hear Me Roar
Ch Kelleygreens Amazing Grace
Mallorn's Mmm Marabou Ch Loresho Ozzie
Ch Boothgate Miz Showbusiness
Tjottes Babe In Total Controll Ch Cavens Coca Mo Brute CH.Lindall A´Bit of The Action
CeasarsCreek Cassandra
Ch Tjottes Babysitters Nightmare Ch Banners Muskelunge Buckeye
Ch Imps Strictley Business

Owned by Carina Lindberg