Tjotte's Flip Your Wig
27 of January 2011

* Winston *

13 months

8 weeks

6 weeks

1/1 Juniorclass CC Quality, 4th Best Male

Hips A-B . Elbows 0-0

Mallorn's Painted Black Dickendall Peacekeeper JH NL CH PMV-99 Trendmakers Tycoon
Dickendall Davaron Peaceful
FiJW-08 FiW-08 Mallorns Rough Diamond Mallorns Romeo
Fin& EstCH Mallorns Terracotta
SE W-07 CH Tjottes For Heaven's Sake CH Smart Fellows Take A Hike Shortie CH Trentwith Sir Winston
CH Smart Fellows Speak For Itself
CH Tjottes Naked Nun On The Run CH Cassatas Alladin Aces
CH Tjottes Babysitters Nightmare

Owned by Bo & Marie Ahlmqvist