Tjotte's When You Snooze You Loose

born 26 of June 2011

* Lilo *

Totaly out of coat !!!
12 months (out of coat)


BOB & BIS:3 Puppy I , october 2011
2nd with HP, beaten by his brother ..... Bieber...... 3rd of March 2012

Hips A-A . Elbows 0-0 . Optigen Normal/Clear (by parentage) EIC n/ Carrier

Owner Åsa Wikman, Norway

Mallorns Ring My Bell ( 4CC's from juniorclass) CH Chablais Your Place Or Mine CH Big Skys Stone Cutter
CH Chablais Delorme Ziggy
Mallorns Ring Any Bells Mallorns Romeo
CH Mallorns Terracotta
SE V-2010 CH Tjottes Fan Bloody Tastic CH Tjottes Lover Under Cover CH Lubberline Pumpernickle
CH Tjottes New Years Cheers
SE V-07 CH Tjottes For Heavens Sake CH Smart Fellows Take A Hike Shortie
CH Tjottes Naked Nun On The Run