Tjotte's Lump Of Sugar

22/3 2006

" Godis "

11 months

Hips A-A . Elbows 0-1


CH Lubberline Pumbernickle CH ClubHunt Clayview Brown Derby ClubHunt Clayview Eli Dickendall Davaron Anslo
Ceasarcreeks Cassandra
ClubHunt Clayview Burnt Toast CH Borador Willcare Master Copy
Hunt Club Chocolate Eclaire
Lubberline Chocolate Factory Epochs Edvard at BonaVenture Keepsakes Beau Webster
Banners Apple Butter
Lubberline Becket Ravones First Command at Rocheby
Lubberline Nautica
CH Tjottes New Years Cheers CH Tjottes Broken Arrow CH Mambrinos Harvey CH Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway
CH Mambrinos Veslemöy
CH Tjottes Babysitters Nightmare CH Banners Muskelunge Buckeye
CH Imps Strictley Business
CH Mallorns Mums Mums CH Loresho Ozzie CH Bubbling Churchill
CH Mallorns Jersey Sour
CH Boothgates Miz Showbusiness Brandhams Showstopper
Oulsmi Endless Love