Dogs for stud only to approved bitches !

FiJV-23 Tjotte's Hit D'Jackpot
* Jackpot *
Tjotte's Snooze Or Loose
* Justin *
Enrico VIII Albamarina
Tjotte's He's The One
* Muskot *
Tjotte's Heart Of Stone
* Keeper *
Tjotte's At Your Service
* Colin *
Tjotte's Classic Shades of Yellow
* Sacco *
Rubywood Woody Woodpecker
* Woody *
Vai Moana Ersmark
* Pablo *
United Dreams Russian Swede
* Hobbit *
SeShCH Tjottes Trou Thick N' Thin
* Bullen *
GW-17 DCH Tjotte's Deep Purple

Retired from breeding

CH Tjottes Win The Crowed
* Bieber *
Peter's Gang Ransom Requierd
* Pronto *
SE TrCH Wrapped In Red Of Cadillac
* Caddie *

SeShCH Tjottes Bankers Bet

* Rino *

Sweety Land Walter Mitty
* Mysco *

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Tjottes At Your Service "Colin"

Tjotte's Banker's Bet"Rino"

Tjottes Better In Black "Seaton"

Tjottes Billy The Bruno "Bruno"

Tjottes Brake Even "Steven"

Tjottes Break The Rules "Hero"

VWW-08 SV-08 SV-07 NV-06 SV-01 CH Tjottes Broken Arrow "Bracke"

NordCH Tjottes Brown Bubble No Trouble "Bubbel"

CH Tjotte´s Buffalo Bandit "Jesse"

Tjottes Call The Shots "Calli"

Tjottes Cheesebay Rooky "Chester"

Tjottes Chocolate Charmer "Charm"

Tjottes Chubby Chocolate "Charlie"

Tjottes Classic Shades of Yellow "Sacco"

CH Tjottes Crash Landing "Willy"

Tjottes Double O'Bubble "Catcher"

Tjottes Facing Facts "Juno"

NordV-09 CH Tjottes Fat N'Famous "Goodwill"

CH Tjottes Famous For Nothing "Panter"

Tjottes First Impression Last "Spike"

Tjottes Fits Like A Glove "Barney"

Tjottes Flip Your Wig "Winston"

Tjottes Four Feet Fellow "Porsche"

Tjottes Get A Free Ride "Milo"

Tjottes Good Vibration "Brago"

Tjottes GP Enzo Ferrari "Enzo"

Tjottes Hallelujah Moment "Horton"

Tjottes He's The One "Muskot"

CH Tjottes I'm All In "Deacon"

Tjottes Livin'On The Edge "Ragnar"

CH Tjottes Lover Under Cover "Bark"

Tjottes Main Target "Zorro"

Tjottes Meet Mr Pepper "Pepper"

CH Tjotte Mission Possible "Kevin"

Tjottes Money Talks "Dollar"

Tjottes Muckety Muck "Max"

Tjottes New Years Bomb "Zeb"

CH Tjottes New Years Hero "Hero"

CH Tjottes New Years Trophy "Zeke"

Tjottes No Fool No Fun "Izor"

CH Tjottes Now Or Never "Findus"

Tjottes Part Of The Package "Axel"

Tjotte's Pink Elephant "Djambo"

Tjottes Play With A Bubble "Lasse"

Tjottes Pocket Picker "Poker"

Tjottes Pull The Trigger "Trigger"

CH Tjottes Pointman "Pontus"

CH Tjottes Rock A Hula King Of Rock "Elvis"

Tjottes Royal Straight Flush "Nero"

CH Tjottes Run For President "Nixon"

Tjottes Scandinavian Dynamite "Gizmo"

Tjottes Snooze or Loose "Justin"

CH Tjottes Son O'A Bubble "TomTom"

Tjottes Son O'A Lover "Valo"

TJH Tjottes Spoiling The Party "Party"

CH TJH Tjottes Star Striker "Sixten"

Tjottes Scandahoovian "Billy"

Tjottes Superman "Roffe"

Tjottes Terrible Mistake "Error"

CH Tjottes Ticket To Trouble "Nero"

Tjottes Turning Point "Tino"

Tjottes When You Snooze You Loose "Lilo"

Tjottes Win The Crowd "Bieber"

CH Tjottes Wind of Change "Rasmus"


Owned by me bred by others

CH Boothgates It's Showtime "Gibson"

CH Fairywoods Yffrey "Yeff"

CH Kroppsmarkens Papas Pride "Tubbe"

NordJV-11 Destinys Tellmenothingidon'tknow "Dustin"

Painted Red Rumbler of Cadillac "Cadillac"

Peter's Gang Ransom Required "Pronto"

CH Sweeten Dancer For Money "Jose'" (earlier guest)

SEV-15 CH Beulahland Take My Heart Hotti*Totti "Take"(earlier guest)

SEShCH RUCH Icon Style Cart Blansh Hotti Totti "Morse" (earlier guest)

Rubywoods Gambler "Gambler"