Solar Smile Fluffy For Tjotte
Brumma * .................. ** Fluffan


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CH Tjottes Ain't Nobodys Business "Kola"

Tjottes A Little And A Loot Tjottes Dare To Compare"Lyra"

Tjottes Babe In Total Controll "Bee"

CH Tjottes Babysitters Nightmare "Mara"

Tjottes Catch me First "Stella"

Tjottes Cheap Tricks "Trixa"

Tjottes Chimney Sweep"Sotis"

SETrCH Tjottes Dare To Compare "Dila"

Tjottes Fairy Tale "Saga"

NordV-13 FiV-13 NoV-13 SE V-10-13 C.I.E CH Tjotte's Fan Bloody Tastic "Vinna"

Tjottes Fifty Shades of Yellow "Jizza"

SE TrCH Tjottes First Class Ticket "Rookie"

Tjottes First In Line "Mingla"

Tjottes Five O'Clock News "Segra"

Tjottes Forbidden Chocolate "Bis"

Tjottes For God's Sake "Alyss"

SE V-07 CH Tjotte's For Heaven's Sake "Payton"

Tjottes Glad All Over " L.O.L "

Tjottes Glad To Come "Brio"

NordJV-11 Tjotte's Golliwog's Cake Walk "Prada"

CH Tjottes Heaven Can Wait "Molly"

Tjottes Hei Hei Hip Hurrey " Heija"

Tjottes Herself The Elf "Elva"

Tjottes Hot Sexy N'Single "Bomba"

Tjottes I'm A Diamond "Demi"

SE ShCH Tjottes Like No Other "Annie"

Tjottes Lump Of Sugar "Godis"

Tjottes Made To Measure "Hazel"

Tjottes Make No Doubt "Maggie"

SETrCH LP Tjottes Meant To Be "Polly"

Tjotte's Memory's R Chosen " Brackelina "

SE ShCH Tjotte's Miles Of Smile "Millie"

Tjottes Mind Your Eye "Mynta"

Tjotte's More Than A Memory " Fame "

SE ShCH Tjottes My Bubble Your Trouble "Gucci"

SE NO ShCH Tjottes Naked Nun On The Run "Ferrie"

SE ShCH Tjotte's New Years Cheers "Mumsa"

Tjottes Play Me Right "Vera"

Tjottes Prada's Secret "Prima"

Tjottes Private Dancer "Sansa"

Tjottes Purple Matters "Ballerina"

Tjottes Puzzel Piece "Puzzel"

Tjottes Remember My Name "Rumba"

CH Tjottes Second To None "Pepsi"

Tjottes Shes In It To Win It "Dansa"

Tjottes Show Me Heaven"Jaffa"

Tjottes Showstriker "Iris"

CH Tjottes Showstealer "Cara"

CH Tjottes Showsteady "Stina"

Tjottes Stare If You Stare "Bimbo"

CH Tjottes Teenage Witch "Sabrina"

SETrCH Tjottes To Be Or Not To Be"Toots"

Tjottes Topical Talent "Tiara"

Tj Tjottes Total Recall "Hippie"

Tjotte's Tough Enough "Tuffa"

Tjottes Whoopeewow"Whooppi"

Tjotte's Woow Eycatching "Rutan"




Antalas Miss You "Riva-Zuma"

ChocoFairyTale Killer Queen"Russi"

Destinys Famous Fox "Foxy"

Donacre High Henny "Hempa"

CH Imps Strictley Business "Kotten"

Mallorns Chocoholic "Dundra"

CH Mallorns Mums Mums "Muffi"

Mambrinos Madeleine "Madde"

Songbirds Madame Cortese "Råsta"

LP Umanioras Mocca Made "Pam"

Valeria Sable Blues "Hjortron"

Play Full Team Brooklyn " Brook "