Tjotte's Play With A Bubble

Born 19/11 2006

" Lasse Larsson "

Lasse @ 14 months



Ownerd by Pia Lindroos, Finland

CH Tjottes Brown Bubble No Trouble CH Banners Muskelunge Buckeye Banners Wenwood Obleo Arrow CH.Beechtcrofts Edgewood Tomarc
Wenwood Banner Ruby Begonia
Amblesides Banner of Tripple L CH.Clemmsen of Killingworth
Lindall Miss Emma
CH Tjottes Showsteady CH Boothgates It's Showtime Brandhams Show Stopper
Jadz Mail Order Madge
CH Tjottes Heaven Can Wait CH Massgaistens Sorken
LP Umanioras Mocca Made
Tjottes Make No Doubt CH Fairywoods Yffrey CH Fairywoods Napoleon CH.Belle Armani of The Music Forest
Buttacre Antonias Award
Fairywoods Kikki Naiken Eduardo Esquire
CH.Fairywoods Blue Bell
CH Mallorns Mums Mums CH Loresho Ozzie CH Bubbling Churchill
CH Mallorns Jersey Sour
CH Boothgates Miz Showbusiness Brandhams Showstopper
Oulsmi Endless Love