In 1980 I bought my first labrador,

And it was a yellow male. My first chocolate was also a male bought in 1983.
He really was an allround dog, obediance champion and rescue dog.( SLCH.TJH )

He also won 1 cc and had prizes from field trials and tracking tests.

My first bitch, back in 1984, was LP Umanioras Mocca Made,
and she is the origin to almost all my dogs today.

My first litter was born in 1986,( chocolates from start ! )

I feel very honoured that my dogs have done so well in the showring.

Among many titles, I've won Best Puppy in Show more than 50 times
and winning the Gundog Group with 18 different dogs.
Up to date I have bred 26 chocolate show champions , 11 black & 1 yellow and also made up 5 dogs I had since pups.

I'm also proud to announce that I have bred the most winning labrador in Sweden ever.
VWW-8 SV-08 SV-07 NV-06 SV-01 SwShCH NorwCH Tjottes Broken Arrow
"Bracke" was the first Swedish bred labrador winning BIS at SKK (Int. All breed show)
Only 3 Swedish bred labradors has ever won BIS at SKK all bred by me !!!!!!!
Int C.I.E CH , NordCH NordV-13, FinV-13, SEV-13, NOV-13, SEV-10, SEShCH, NOShCH, FiCH, SEVV-16-17
Tjotte's Fan Bloody Tastic
NordV-15 Int C.I.E SEShCH GiCH Tjottes Teenage Witch

When I breed I try aim for a complete labrador,
beauty and brains as well as good health.
It's not easy but I try.

* Tjotte *Gibson

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