Hips B . Elbows 0-0
Optigen Normal/Clear
EIC/Clear . HNPK/Clear

Hips A . Elbows 0-0
Optigen Normal/Clear

Photos at 6 weeks >>>>>>

Songbirds Don Alvaro DkCh SeShCH Lobuff-Shannon US Major Attraction AmCH Lobuff Hollyridge The Aviator
Shannon's Amethyst Dreams
Sångfågelns Victoria De Los Angeles SeTrCH Sångfågelns Rodolfo
Sångfågelns Lolo
Destinys Famous Fox CH Tintagel Winds Xanadu
Caer Bren Ben
CH Poole's Memory of Tintagel Winds
Annuals Hold The Dream CH Carpenny Hurricane
Annualīs Sweet Biscuit



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