Chocolate litter born 15 of February 2013

7-8 weeks mixed photos

6-7 weeks mixed photos

5-6 weeks mixed photos

4-5 weeks mixed photos

Photos @ 4 weeks

Tjotte's Win The Crowd
Mallorns Ring My Bell ( 6 CC's Finland ) CH Chablais Your Place Or Mine
Mallorns Ring Any Bells
SE V-10 SE. NO CH Tjottes Fan Bloody Tastic CH Tjottes Lover Under Cover
CH Tjottes For Heavens Sake
NordJV-11 Tjottes Golliwogs Cake-Walk CH Mementos Mario CH Chas Didric Champ
CH Mementos Fantasia
CH Tjottes My Bubble Your Trouble CH Banners Muskelunge Buckeye
CH Tjottes Showsteady


12 days,,


The new owner must be prepared to collect their pup in person,
We do not send dogs alone !