Prima/Shon puppies

Corv1/Hobbit puppies

Bomba/Hobbit puppies

Brackelina/Bark puppies

Trixa/Caddie puppies

Tuffa/Rocky puppies

Fame/Rino puppies

Corv1/Caddie puppies

Prima/Milo puppies

Råsta/Caddie puppies

Bomba/Milo puppies

Brio/Morse puppies

Brackelina/Caddie puppies

Fox/Alvar puppies

Fame/Liilo puppy

Sabrina/Brando puppies

Fox/Take puppies

Bullen born 13/3 2015

Vinna/Perti puppies

More snow,,, 7 of February 2015

Having fun in the snow 5 of February 2015

Corv1/Take puppies

Gucci/Bark puppies

Prada/Dustin puppies

Vinna/Jose' puppies

Segra/Jose' puppies

Madde/Bracke puppies

Prada/Bieber puppies

Segra/Bark puppies

Snow snow snow,, and some headshots February 2013 !

Brio/Dustin puppies 2012

New puppyphotos 3 of April 2012

Payton/Dustin puppies

 Snow is fun,,,

Gucci/Dustin puppies

Vinna/Ringo puppies

Payton/Penti puppies

Gucci/Mario puppies

Annie/Nisse puppies

Just fun,,

Dylan/Payton puppies

Kuri/Gucci puppies

Winter up in North 2009

Annie/Dundras pups

This is fun !

Having fun !

Just love the water !


Bracke/Millie puppies

Bark/Payton puppies

Playtime ,,

Winter up in North 2008

Bee/Bark puppies

Having fun

Maggie/Bubble puppies

Bee/Urho puppies

Mumsa/Baker puppies

Muffi/Findus puppies

Bee/Yffrey puppies

Ferrie/Trent puppies

Puppy & Child Photos

Winter In the North of Sweden

Gallery from Norway

Summer in Hortlax :-)

My dogs taken a bath !!

Ferrie/Yffrey puppies

Muffi/Bracke puppies

Tracy/Leo puppies

Mara/Bru puppies

Mara/Boss puppies

* Puppy Photos *

* Puppy Photos *

* Puppy Photos *

* Puppy Photos *

* Puppy Photos *

Foton från jaktkurs i Skellefteå 2-3 juni 2007